action press is looking for paparazzi!

We have been supplying the German and international press with paparazzi material for more than 50 years. And we want to grow with more photographers!

Your requirements:

- You have often been told not to stick your nose in other people's business
- You can not only handle the camera, but also capture a story in pictures
- You know your business in the German celebrity scene
- You are bored with 9 to 5 jobs
- You have a lot of endurance
- You have no problem to travel for a couple of days - within Germany or even worldwide.
- You have a class B driver's license and ideally a car
- You would like to finally earn some real money with your pictures and also get a share in the turnover of your pictures.

And if you also enjoy your work and want to work with us, write us! Tell us about yourself! What have you already done? Who have you photographed? Show us some of your pictures! Really, we are looking forward to it! Our email address: